Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Travis is 8!

Travis had another birthday, which makes him yet another year older.  It's crazy how that happens!  Of course he is all about Legos so that was the theme for his party.  But we mixed in a little Olympics too and did an obstacle course and some other fun games.   

And my beautiful creation: a Lego pinata.  Travis has somehow decided that he wants a pinata every year for his birthday, and it's something that is fun to do so I don't mind, but I couldn't find one that was a decent price (kind of at the last minute...) so I had to do it myself.  It turned out not to be as hard as I thought, and it was fun to be messy for a little while.  

I bought some Legos and gave each of the kids a bag to make their own creation.  Then the adults voted on awards for each of them.  It was fun to see the different things they created with all the same pieces.

Travis is another year older and I hope, another year wiser.  He is such a precious boy.  I can't say "little boy" any more!  He is full of energy and curiosity.  He is silly and plays so well with both Alaina and Justin.  He carries Alaina around like a baby over his shoulder and she just soaks it up.  Travis says he understands what Justin says better than anyone, which may have a bit of truth to it.  He likes reading and history and dislikes math and handwriting.    I love that he reads so much, and he even tells people that he reads anything he can get his hands on.  Kind of like me when I was younger!  He is completely into Legos and his creations are very imaginative.  It's been interesting hearing the stories he tells to go along with the inventions.  I love it!

These 8 years have gone by so quickly.  I love him with all my heart and I want such good things for him.   He is becoming a beautiful young man and I delight in him in so many ways.  I treasure him more every day and I love his smiling face.  It is great to be Travis' mom!

Happy Birthday Travis! 

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