Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Few Things

  • Justin had a GREAT day in therapy today.  He stacked five small blocks without any problems.  Miss Caroline just told him to put it right on top and he did it!  He even took steps for her and she was so excited.  We found a plastic bottle with a large screw top and Justin did great opening and closing it for her.  He is doing the twisting motion so much better.  He works with the large puzzles with shapes and she encourages him to twist the pieces until they fit and he does it so well.  Miss Caroline was so thrilled to tell me how well he did.
  • My IT person (Randy :) found the source of our internet problems.  He spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with tech support to get out new router working and then we kept losing the signal and he finally discovered the problem: the video monitor in Justin's room.  Go figure!  So annoying but glad the mystery is solved!
  • We have been spending LOTS of time at the doctor's lately as we face my mom's breast cancer.  It's one of those things you don't think about having to do, but it is consuming when you do.  I have drunk more coffee lately than ever before in my life.  I am back to "delegating" tasks:  I paid for someone to clean my house and mow our lawn.  We joked this week and Randy and I spend more time in the Med Center than we do at home some days.  Sadly true.
  • Justin is up to 6 steps at a time!  He can stand up holding on to something and then walk with it.  That's actually when he does the best because he is focused on a task.  His favorites are books; he likes to pick them up and bring them to us to read.  I think he is developing the same love of reading as Travis, with a much shorter attention span!
  • Justin is learning new words in sign language now and he is using them more and more without being prompted.  But we are now trying to get him to use his mouth to talk.  He has said the word "up" so we try to get him to say that when he wants to be held (often!)  We say "use your mouth to tell me" and he then proceeds to stick out his tongue!  Still working through that one...
  • Justin moved up into the next class at church and he is doing remarkably well!  He participates and sings and knows what is coming next.  His favorites include "This Little Light of Mine" and when they are given Bibles to look at the picture of baby Jesus and then they show how to care for their Bibles (not ripping or bending the pages).  Justin loves to hold his Bible to his face and show it a little affection!
  • We are trying to get our house painted before the winter (barely feels like fall, but...).  Having the windows installed means new trim that needs to be painted to be protected.  The back door of our house has several stripes from color choices, but nothing has been the clear favorite.  Okay, we are disagreeing.  We each have our favorite and we cannot agree.  Everyone we have asked has been so helpful too.  Of all the color choices, they say "Well, I like either one of these" and point to our two pet colors.  We still can only use one!
  • We are excited to hear that the boys will be getting a cousin next year right after Justin's birthday in April!  My sister is pregnant and due the end of April!  Travis wants a girl since we already have so many boys.  We all hope it's girl too!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Before watching this video, please go ahead and use the bathroom.  Don't say I didn't warn you!  You kind of need the sound for the full effect.

What else is there to say?

This was just too funny!  Justin started attacking Travis and of course Travis thought it was too funny so he encouraged it and set himself up for Justin to get him.  Travis threw him all over the bathroom, into the cabinets and doors, and Justin just rolled over and jumped back up.  And did you notice how Justin walked over to Travis a few times?  We finally had to call it quits for them to settle down before bed.  It was so funny!  I think Justin and Travis might have a future in professional wrestling!

Justin's Progress

I finally managed to get a video of Justin using his walker.  I am sorry the lighting is so bad.  I will try to do better.  I was planning to go outside this afternoon and try again, but then in the middle of the sun it started to rain!  It is so amazing to watch him maneuver.  The only thing that Justin lacks is balance.  He takes a few steps here and there all the time, but he cannot manage more than a few before falling over.  He doesn't get frustrated, and after a few falls it becomes a game.  His personality is infectious.  He loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me". He keeps his hands clenched ready to show his muscles when it comes to, "They are weak, but He is strong".  Justin grits his teeth and strains to make big muscles.  It's great!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look at Me, I'm Standing!

Justin is standing more and more every day.  He is so proud of himself and he really wants to stand all he time.  Today at therapy Miss Penny said that he didn't even want to sit down!  He stood up for about 70% of the time.  He stood up while holding a bat and then took two steps to walk closer to the balloon she had hanging up and then he hit it with the bat.  He is walking behind a push toy and he stops when he sees that he is going to run into something and he moves the toy and straightens it so he can continue to keep walking.  He can walk all the way from our dining room though the kitchen into the living room!  It's amazing!  I sometimes have to stop and watch him and bask in his accomplishments.  He is improving by leaps and bounds and soon enough he'll be running and jumping.  Last night Justin walked from the parking lot into the building.  He did a few face plants, but he struggled back up and kept going.  Sometimes the walker gets away from him!  Times are changing in our home.  The last few "baby" things are slowly falling away.  Exciting and scary too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Follow Up / September Prayer Requests

I have to be honest.  August was an incredibly difficult month for our family.  So many doctor appointments, unexpected problems, friends and family with cancer going through heart-wrenching times, and Travis' surgery using the last bits of our strength and energy.  It really wore us out and we are starting September depleted.  A friend suggested that I needed a spa day, but I am not sure that paying someone to rub my feet so I can just fall asleep is smart!

  • Travis' surgery:  He is recovering well, but he is not there yet.  He slept with us the first few days after surgery and so none of us slept.  His snoring was worse because of the swelling from surgery and he sounded like he was drowning!  He moved back to his own bed, but the first night Randy and I were up there eleven times.  And we have to climb over the baby gate to get up there so it's surprising we didn't break anything!  Last night was better, only six times, but we are hoping for more still improvement.
  • Justin's tests came back and I already shared the results.  Randy and I haven't decided whether to follow up with the sleep clinic, but honestly, if we do, it will be after the new year because I don't think I can add anything else this fall before the holidays.
  • My mom has an appointment this month with the surgeon.  That appointment should determine when she has surgery.  Our best estimate is early October.
  • Rest:  We all need so much rest.  The boys are not napping well, and night sleep is so disjointed.  We cannot make good decisions without rest and there are so many things that need solid decisions in the near future.
  • Travis' continued healing:  It's coming along, but he doesn't like to swallow even if it doesn't hurt because he is scared that it might hurt.
  • Justin's walking:  He is getting more and more stable every day.  Last week at therapy, Miss Penny said he stood for over 20 seconds two times.  And he's doing more at home too.  He has taken a few more steps, but they were more like he was falling and he took the steps as he fell.  The last two weeks he has made so much progress.  Every day I can see him getting more and more brave and wanting to attempt more.  He's also being silly too!  When I am lying on the floor, he likes to stand straight up and fall flat on top of me.  I had better be watching for it because it hurts!
We got a new computer last month and Randy is transferring all the programs and files and he is having some trouble with the photo program so it might take some time for pictures to be back.  I got some great ones of Justin standing up!  I made him keep trying until I got a good picture.  It worked well for both of us.