Friday, July 30, 2010

Seattle Part #2

The next day we took the ferry from Belfair into Seattle to go to Pike Place Market. Jerry had to work, but he was delivering ice cream in Seattle, so we could see him while he was working. Travis was really excited about the ferry. We just left our car and walked on since we would be staying close to the ferry and wouldn't need a car in Seattle. The ferry ride lasted about an hour, and the boys enjoyed it thoroughly. Travis liked being in the front and looking at all the cars that were underneath.

The view as we approached Seattle. It was unseasonably cool and we were chilly standing outside on the deck.

We visited Pike Place Market and saw the fish mongers. Uncle Jerry met us here- he delivers ice cream to the restaurant to the left in the picture. Then he took Travis on his next delivery. Travis loved helping deliver ice cream!

We picked up some food for lunch and ate on the ferry on the way home. We still had a little drive to get back to the house, but the boys didn't even make it out of Belfair. I cannot remember the last time Travis fell asleep in his car seat! They were quite the cute pair.

Mireille had to go to work after our trip into Seattle, and she made it home just in time for some "boy time" before bedtime. There was a bit of rough housing...

The next day was a day off for both Mireille and Jerry so we made a visit to the ice cream place where Jerry works. They were making some special flavors of ice cream for our party and we had to pick it up. Plus we wanted to check out the place where all the action takes place! We went in the super cold freezers where they store the ice cream. It was the coldest freezer I had ever been in and we just stood in the doorway! They said that they have to put on coats and gloves to load the delivery trucks. I believe it!

And we were able to get a few samples before we left. We tasted Dulce de Leche freshly made. It was SO good!

Travis thought so too. He wasn't sharing!

There was a lot of eating and not much talking. This is one of the owners with us as we were filling our mouths with too tasty ice cream.

After nap we took a boat ride on the lake with some of Mireille and Jerry's friends. It was sunny finally, but the water was still 70 degrees. They foolishly thought the kids would go swimming! They would have frozen into ice pops!

They did enjoy the ride though. I was worried that Justin with all of his 20.5 pounds would flip out, but we managed to keep him in the whole time. Do mothers worry constantly when doing something like this, or is it just me?

Jerry and Mireille both wake boarded and Travis' job was to raise the orange flag when the person went down so other boaters would know to be careful in the area around the boat. He took this job very seriously. When Randy and I tried, the flag was up more than it was down.

Are you seeing the full wet suit my sister was wearing? IN JULY?!! Even with the wet suit it was so cold when the water came trickling in from around the neck. When it was my turn Jerry grabbed me and threw me in. The shock was enough to take my breath away! I spent more time in the water than on top so I got the full force of the cold every time I smacked on my stomach on the water. Belly flops in cold water are much less pleasant than in warm water. Just trust me on this.

Justin and Travis downed nearly a pound on cherries and half the container of watermelon. That recharged them for tubing the length of the lake.

This is us letting the rope out before the ride began. The tube had three "seats" so Jerry took one, Travis another, and Justin and I shared the third. The boys had so much fun, Travis especially. At first he didn't know what to expect, but he quickly got the hang of it and Jerry encouraged him to close his eyes a few times and to stand up while Jerry held on to him. It looked a little like "Titanic". I had my entire arm through the back of Justin's life vest and he stood up too. I hadn't ever been in a tube like this one, much less holding a toddler, so I was petrified that we would tip over the wake of the boat. I am glad the boys didn't know to be scared. They enjoyed the trip and were ready for more. (I was able to borrow a wet suit from the woman who owned the boat. SO GLAD for that!)

It was a good trip and we were sad to leave, but we did return with plenty of ice cream for a doozy of an ice cream bash. We wish Aunt Mireille and Uncle Jerry lived closer to us, but we are so glad that there are lots of fun things to do when we visit. And we only have to wait two months before they are coming to see us!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seattle Part #1

Mireille and Jerry moved to Seattle after they got married last year and we made a quick visit last fall, but this was our first family trip to the northwest territory. They live on a lake and it is beautiful! But the weather was cold for our southern blood! We left early Saturday morning and missed the first flight (ah, the joys of non-reving...) but the second flight got us there in the early afternoon. Neither child felt the need to nap, either on the airplane or during the 2 hour car ride to their house.

For Jerry, I think we had the highlight of the trip before we even made it home from the airport: We stopped to eat a fast food lunch and we ate inside the restaurant. When we held hands to pray, Justin started yelling, so I asked him if he wanted to pray. He murmured assent so I let him go. He lowered his head and made some of his babbling noises and then stopped and said one more babble and raised his head. I said "Amen" and he let go of our hands. Jerry's jaw nearly hit the ground! He said, "No way!" and laughed. It was beautiful! Let me tell you, Justin knows what is going on!

So both boys were busy and oddly full of energy in an attempt to stay awake. The boys played with their trucks on the front porch and Justin quickly realized that his truck fit between the rails and that his head did too! I meant to take a picture from their front patio, but I forgot, so this is the best I can do. There are mountains past the trees on the far side, which of course you cannot see, but it's lovely on the rare days when there is no fog or clouds or rain. So like 3 days a year!




Justin gave Uncle Jerry a massage with his tractor.

Then he moved on to his head. Justin really liked that one...

We put the kids to bed early that night. And then the fun began. Justin didn't like the pack and play. Travis didn't want to sleep alone. They both screamed and fussed off and on until I went in and joined Travis on his mostly deflated air mattress at 1 am. "Mostly deflated" means that everyone on the air mattress rolls towards the heaviest person...Me! Randy was left in the room with Justin and he marveled at the way I could remain so still when Justin was fussing, until he realized that I wasn't there! Justin moved into bed with Randy and slept with/on him the rest of the night. Which didn't last much longer as both boys woke at 5 am. Oh yes, 5 am. And that was just a preview of the entire trip: The next 2 mornings they woke at 5 am too. Only the last morning did they wait until 6:30. Thoughtful of them, don't you think? So this was Justin at about 8 am, ready for a nap!

Then Justin got a second wind and he was ready to work with Travis.

It was Sunday, but we played hooky from church (given that we had NO IDEA how the kids would act with such little sleep) and took a walk to the park instead. We never actually made it to the park, but the attempt was fun. Travis and Mireille started racing and then the guys got into it too. They would race to the next mailbox or sign or whatever. Justin and I watched and cheered them on.

Then Justin wanted in the action and so Mireille helped him beat Travis.

We almost made it to the park when Travis said that he was tired. Since we knew we had to walk back home, we decided to turn around and start back, but Travis needed carrying already. This wasn't acceptable to him, so we tried something else.

This worked much better!

When we got back we went out on the dock and fed the ducks. Are you noticing the clothes? This is July and it was nearly lunch time. It was barely in the low 70s the entire time we were there! It was great when we were moving, but chilly when we stood still. It's supposed to have been in the 80s and low 90s this week so it was better that we got the cooler weather.

Jerry's parents went someplace where they were giving away fireman hats for a promotion, so we added 2 more to our collection and the boys got a lot of use out of them during our visit. Justin loves playing fire with Travis and all the bedrooms were on fire several times each day. Fortunately we have such good firemen in the house!

The other fun toy was the life jackets. Travis was a fire boat fireman and he was very creative with all his gear. There's always something new with Travis!

Florida Part #2

I know you were starting to think that there really was no Part #2. No, we didn't just stay there! We did some more swimming and playing in the sand before we returned to the steamy, humid place we call home.

Travis told us that he didn't want to go swimming, he was just going to dig. But Wednesday was the day that Hurricane Alex came through the Gulf and we got some rough surf and some rain from it. It was perfect for wave jumping, so Travis and Randy went swimming and as Travis has been telling everyone, "we got BLASTED!" He loved the anticipation of watching the waves coming closed and closer and then getting knocked over! They didn't look very menacing, but to Travis the waves were huge! He was a great sport and rather waterlogged by the time we left.

Justin had his own fun crawling into the surf and getting spun around as the waves came up the beach. He crawled straight into the water and got a few facefuls of water when he wasn't looking (most of the time...)

But Justin tired quickly and he spent the rest of his time digging. He is very diligent at his work, and Travis joined in for a while too. I love watching the two of them playing together.

This is the first time Travis went to the beach at my Dad and Tammy's house:

Not much has changed! Still covered in sand!

That night Randy and I snuck away for a date night of mini golf and dinner. The kids enjoyed some grandparents' spoiling!

The next day it was time to head home and out flight was delayed so we decided to eat our lunch in the airport. Travis always appreciates a good picnic! And there was a great play area which helped the time pass quickly. We were very glad to make it home...finally. Four night away is our limit because that's when my lack of sleep makes functioning near impossible. It's a little easier with Randy because we can share the nightime responsibilities, but it's always nice to return home. You'll see why when you read about the next trip!!

Okay, so that's Florida. Next comes Seattle: The weather wasn't near as warm, but somehow we were convinced to swim- in 70 degree water!!!